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Vendor Portal

Welcome to the Vendor Portal

We value our relationship with all vendors, and we purchase goods and services from a wide variety of suppliers, ranging from large international organisations to specialist local suppliers worldwide.

The summary below will give vendors an insight into BW Offshore’s commitment to safety, quality and ethical standards, and how we will work with vendors to achieve this.

This Vendor Qualification process has been developed to build a strong foundation for business partnerships with vendors by securing the same high level of standards across the globe for SAFETY, QUALITY, FINANCIAL STRENGTH, TECHNICAL CAPABILITY AND DUE DILLIGENCE.

In our line of business, maintaining control of Major Accident Hazards and the integrity of the FPSO throughout the life cycle of the asset is at the core of our business. This means maintaining a high focus on safety and quality in all the company's deliverables and processes, in projects as well as operations. Everyone working for BW Offshore and those who work on the company's behalf contribute to achieving this.

We take the relationships with our vendors seriously. The company consider HSEQ evaluation an important part of its vendor qualification process because we recognise the importance of those who are supplying goods and services to BW Offshore's organisation. We want to work with vendors who share our commitment to prioritise Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in everything they do. The company's vendors are expected to comply with BW Offshore’s standards, including legislative and regulatory requirements in the countries where the delivery or service is carried out (compliance with local requirements).

BW Offshore strives to raise the level of quality, reliability and due diligence in the company's deliverables to both operations and projects. To achieve this, we must maintain vendors who have been assessed and qualified to a level required to where they can be invited to bid.


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