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Vendor Information

Vendors are crucial to the success of BW Offshore operations and projects. Prior to any business engagement, vendors must undergo a screening and qualification process to demonstrate their competency and ability to meet the requirements of BW Offshore.

The summary below will give vendors an insight into BW Offshore’s commitment to safety, quality and ethical standards, and how we will work with vendors to achieve this.

Expectations of our Business Partners and our Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

At BW Offshore, we hold our employees, representatives, and vendors to high standards of business and personal ethics in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Vendors must practice honesty, integrity, and fair dealings in all their interactions with employees, customers, shareholders, the public, competitors, government authorities, and other BW Offshore vendors. Vendors must make every effort to provide complete, accurate, and timely information and respond promptly and courteously to reasonable requests and concerns. BW Offshore is committed to complying with anti-corruption laws, and vendors must comply with the anti-corruption laws, directives, and regulations that govern operations in the countries where they do business. No one acting on behalf of BW Offshore shall directly or indirectly offer, promise, give or receive bribes, kickbacks, inappropriate gifts or other undue advantages or remuneration to achieve improper business or personal advantage.

BW Offshore expects vendors to comply with applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations in every country where they operate. We do not condone or tolerate any unethical or unlawful behaviour. More information on our expectations for vendors can be found here.

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Vendor Screening and Qualification Process

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