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We are ready for the next phase of the energy transition

BW Offshore is actively developing innovative floating production concepts to address the challenges of the energy transition. From integrated carbon capture and storage modules designed to facilitate the decarbonisation of traditional oil & gas FPSOs, to stand-alone floating zero-carbon fuel production units.

By advancing and evolving these concepts, our aim is ensure that BW Offshore is at the forefront of a net-zero energy industry by 2050. Additionally, we’re exploring opportunities in low-emission energy production, such as carbon transport, gas-to-power solutions, and freshwater production through desalination. Our goal is to mature and establish new business segments that meet the needs of the evolving energy markets.

Unlocking the CCS value chain

Unlocking the CCS value chain

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an essential pillar of the strategy for achieving net-zero emissions and limiting global temperature rise.  CCS is necessary to facilitate decarbonisation of “hard-to-abate” industries, support a managed transition to clean energy, and actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The development of CCS networks has already begun, but innovative solutions are needed to unlock routes to offshore storage and deliver global scale quickly.  Watch the video to see how BW Offshore’s Floating CO2 Storage and Injection Unit can provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to fixed injection infrastructure, and how the BW Group is collaborating to service the CCS value chain.