Operational Capabilities

Operational Capabilities

Safe and efficient offshore development

The company’s main activities are engineering, procurement, construction and installation, as well as lease and operation services for FPSOs. The company also participates in developing proven offshore hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Performance comittment

BW Offshore prioritises safety in all its operations and has ‘zero harm’ as an overriding objective for personnel and the environment to ensure all assets are operated in the safest manner. Safe operations and high uptime are not only requirements but obligations for BW Offshore to clients and employees. Safety is the highest priority and the Group maintains relentless focus and commitment to best-in-class Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality (HSSEQ) standards and asset integrity management.


The safety focus is embedded throughout the organisation, which in turn is reflected by the FPSO fleet’s commercial uptime. With an average uptime routinely at 99% over the past 5 years, BW Offshore exceeds client expectations while recognising internally that uptime must never be a priority over safe operations. More than 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent in daily volume is handled by 11 FPSOs in areas as diverse as West Africa, the South Atlantic off Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, the US Gulf, the North Sea and South East Asia.


BW Offshore places high emphasis on work ethic and culture. The level of experience and competence required to execute industry-leading assignments requires BW Offshore to be an attractive employer offering global work opportunities. Global recruitment centres and manning supply partners select best-in-class candidates for offshore and onshore positions. BW Offshore’s international employee base allows for global rotation of talent based on required competence.

The Group is committed to the deployment of local content in its operating countries, with substantial investments in training and development of local personnel. BW Offshore’s operational performance requires a highly qualified, competent and dedicated technical support and logistics service staff. A strong network of onshore in-country offices ensures operational support linking the FPSOs to shore, in addition to corporate offices supporting the operational teams.


BW Offshore is a trusted partner for clients seeking to outsource technical competence to run and operate complex offshore units. With its existing operational network, the Group offers synergies that are difficult for a client to obtain on a stand-alone basis. Well-established infrastructure, manning pools and supply chain networks are some immediate advantages, in addition to the familiarity with regulatory requirements, technical maintenance and lifecycle cost management offered by BW Offshore.


Modifications of existing FPSOs in situ to extend production, increase capacity or redeployment can unlock significant value for clients and BW Offshore. BW Offshore’s project and engineering expertise makes this possible. Working closely with client teams, BW Offshore has set up internal groups specifically for this purpose, combining competent project and operations staff from across the organisation. Managing modifications and upgrades on live producing units calls for specialised competence, as safety-related and economic risks multiply compared to projects run on site in a shipyard. Maintaining asset integrity in situ in such scenarios represents some of the most advanced technical execution challenges in the business.