Board and management shareholdings


Name Title Shares
Andreas Sohmen-Pao (BW Group) Chairman 92,332,844
Christophe Pettenati-Auziere Director 200,000
Maarten R. Scholten Director 160,761
Claire Spottiswoode Director 0
Thomas Thune Andersen Director 0
Carl K. Arnet and close associates CEO 2,360,000
Knut R. Sæthre CFO 150,000
Rune Bjorbekk CCO 147,847
Marco Beenen COO 37,418
Hans K. Langsrud Head of Asset Engineering & Maintenance 0
Magda Vakil and close associate Head of Legal 14,834
Pia Schnitler Head of Human Capital 155
Kei Ikeda Head of Projects 6,034