Operational Integrity

Operational Integrity

Safety first

BW Offshore is fully committed to safety, occupational health, quality management and environmentally responsible performance. The Company has implemented effective management systems and routines with a focus on continuous improvement in all its activities.

BW Offshore has a target of being an industry leader, with the lowest reasonably possible frequencies for lost time injuries, high risk incidents, including spills to the environment and unplanned emissions, and occupational illnesses. The Company’s Operational Integrity function continuously monitors trends and takes prompt action to prevent or reverse any unwanted developments. BW Offshore gives all employees the explicit authority to stop all actions that they think are unsafe and/or unsure of and initiate a process to define and clarify without any repercussions or questions.

Throughout 2018, the function has been firmly established within BW Offshore to support the organisation in continuously achieving the objectives of:

  • Zero harm to personnel
  • Effective management of Major Accident Hazard risks
  • Managing Environmental impacts such that they are minimised
  • Taking Due Care of Company Assets
  • Continuously seek improvements to work safer and smarter

In 2018, Operational Integrity established processes and tools required for demonstrating operational performance and compliance in a transparent manner. The process (illustrated schematically below) is based on operational objectives that are provided by the Company, and the Operational Integrity function support the organisation in meeting and exceeding these targets through a continuous improvement cycle.

The Operational Integrity function provides the necessary support and assurance in the following ways:

  • Setting expectations relevant to performance and compliance through performance standards and management system standards;
  • Improving the organisation’s understanding of Operational Integrity principles and how these are best applied through a process which incorporates continuous workforce engagement;
  • Continuous identification of hazards related to planned activities and helping to implement effective measures to manage the risks related to these activities
  • Assuring that Operational Integrity processes are effective in meeting objectives through audit 
  • Lessons-learned from through an incident investigation process
  • Seeking better ways of managing our business to deliver improved Operational Integrity outcomes