Operational Integrity

Operational Integrity

Safe and secure operations

BW Offshore is committed to efficient, reliable and compliant operations with zero harm to people, the environment and the communities in which it operates. The Company applies best-in-class as a benchmark for monitoring, assurance and improvement of operational performance and compliance.

Operational Integrity (OI) is a corporate support function for the wider BW Offshore organisation. The function defines the relevant performance requirements and targets. It also provides an assurance framework to demonstrate OI performance throughout the lifecycle, from design and construction to installation and operations.

The Operational Integrity function also manages Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Quality (HSSEQ) protocols that enable BW Offshore to meet and exceed mandatory requirements and those the Company has chosen to apply as best practice.

The Company is certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards, which recognise the way it manages its business processes, its commitment to minimising environmental impact and its health and safety systems. The Group also holds a Document of Compliance from the International Safety Management Code.

BW Offshore has a target of being an industry leader, with the lowest reasonably possible frequencies for lost time injuries, high-risk incidents—including spills to the environment and unplanned emissions—and occupational illnesses. The Company’s Operational Integrity function continuously monitors trends and takes prompt action to prevent or reverse any unwanted developments. BW Offshore gives all employees the explicit authority to stop all actions that they think are unsafe and/or are unsure of, and to initiate a process to define and clarify without any repercussions or questions.

Operational Integrity has established processes and tools to demonstrate operational performance and compliance in a transparent manner. The process is based on BW Offshore’s operational objectives and how the Operational Integrity function supports the organisation in meeting and exceeding these targets through a continuous  improvement cycle.