Core Values

Core Values

The BW Offshore Way

Vision, Purpose & Principles

We work to develop and maintain a strong corporate culture, with appropriate organisation and team structures. We staff the company through competence mapping, talent development, recruitment, retention, replacement and exit. We ensure sustainability through performance measurement, improvement and rewards.

In achieving BW Offshore’s overall objectives, the company personnel, both permanent and temporary, are key resources. BW Offshore is committed to having competent, well trained and motivated personnel with the right attitude and behavior. This applies to our base organisation as well as fleet and project organisations. BW Offshore provides employees with competitive compensation and employment related benefits.

BW Offshore aims to be an attractive employer and rewarding workplace, working to achieve mutual respect, both for the individual employee and for our company through all phases of the employment. We want to ensure equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic background, age, religion or sexual orientation. We aim to provide a comfortable and adequate work environment to all employees. BW Offshore treats every employee with respect and dignity and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.



BW Offshore shall be the preferred partner in development and operation of discovered offshore fields

  • To be a partner means sharing the risk and reward of the reservoir
  • Use existing production assets to trigger development of discovered offshore oil and gas fields
  • Unique focus on small to medium sized E&P companies specialising in exploration
  • Maximise return to shareholders whilst understanding the long term nature of our business


The BW Offshore Principles

The acronym for our five Principles is I LEAD, which is appropriate given that the principles are put in place to drive leadership behaviour at all levels in the organization.