Track record

Track record

Over the past three decades, BW Offshore has completed 40 projects - 30 FPSO and 10 FSO projects

BW Offshore has delivered 40 projects - 30 FPSO projects and 10 FSO projects

Name Customer Type FPSO Location Start-up Status



Berge Sisar Chevron LPG FSO- Conversion Block 0, Angola 1982 Replaced by Berge Troll in 1989
Asoka Nusantara Kodeco Energy FSO-Conversion Madura Sea, Indonesia 1985  
Berge Troll Chevron Texaco LPG FSO-Conversion Block 0, Angola 1989 Sold in 2005
Camar Nusantara Enterprise Oil FSO-Conversion  Camar, Indonesia  1991   
Camar Ayu  GFB Resources FSO-Conversion  Camar, Indonesia  1994   
Al Zaafarana Zaafarana Oil Co (25% BG)  FPSO-Conversion Gulf de Suez, Agypt  1994   
Petròleo Nautipa  Ranger Oil  FPSO-Conversion Angola  1998  Later modified and installed at Etame in Gabon 
Ruby Princess  Petronas Carigali  FPSO-Conversion  Ruby, Vietnam  1998   
Navion Munin  Statoil Oil FPSO-Newbuild  Lufeng, South China Sea  1997  Sold in 2003 
Berge Hugin  Enterprise Oil  Oil FPSO-Newbuild  Pierce, North Sea  1999  Sold in 2003 
Sendje Berge  Triton Energy  Oil FPSO-Newbuild  Ceiba Field, Equatorial Guinea  2000  Replaced by Sendje Ceiba, modified and upgraded before relocated to Okowori, Nigeria 
Madura Ayu Kodeco Energy  Oil FSO-Conversion  Madura Sea, Indonesia  2000  Replaced by Madura Jaya FSO in 2003
Sendje Ceiba Amerada Hess  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Ceiba Field, Equatorial Guinea  2002  Sold in 2004 
Madura Jaya  Kodeco Energy  Oil FSO-Conversion  Madura Sea, Indonesia  2003  Operation until 2010 
Berge Helene  Maersk Oil  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Qatar  2004  Intermediate storage before converted and relocated to Chinguetti, Mauritania 
Berge Okoloba Toru Global  LPG FPSO-Conversion  Bonny River, Nigeria  2005  Sold in 2009 
BW Nisa  Vitol  Oil FSO-Conversion  Malaysia  2006  Conversion for the P-63 project 
BW Carmen  StatoilHydro  Oil FPSO-Conversion Bressay, UK  2008  Converted to BW Athena, operation started in 2011 
BW Carmen  Shell  Oil FPSO-Conversion UK, North Sea  2009  Converted to BW Athena, operation started in 2011
Endeavour Tata Oil/ Hardy Oil FSO-Conversion  PY-3, India  1997  Operation ended in 2012 
Azurite  Murphy  FDPSO-Conversion  Azurite, Congo  2009  Operated until 2014 - renamed BW Adolo
Belokamenka Rosneft Oil FSO-Conversion Kola Bay, Russia 2004 Operated until 2016 - sold in 2018
BW Athena Ithaca Oil FPSO-Conversion Athena field, UK 2011 Operated until 2016 - now available
Papa Terra P-63 (EPC) Petrobras Oil FPSO-Conversion Brazil 2013 Operated until 2016 - operation handed over to client
Ningaloo Vision  Apache  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Van Gogh, Australia  2010  Sold to Apache 2012 
OSX-1 (EPC)  OGX  Oil FPSO-Newbuilt + modification  Campos Basin, Brazil  2013  Delivered 2012 
Berge Helene  Petronas (Woodside)  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Chinguetti, Mauritania  2006 Operated until 2017
Umuroa  Tamarind

Oil FPSO-Conversion

Tui, New Zealand  2007 

Operated until 2019 

BW Opportunity Petrobras

Gas FPSO-Conversion

Camarupim, Brazil 2009

Operated until 2020*

 *Formerly known as Cidade de Sâo Mateus.


Espoir Ivoirien  CNR  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Ivory Coast  2002  Operation until 2022 (2036) 
Petròleo Nautipa  Vaalco  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Etame, Gabon  2002  Operation until 2022 (2022) 
Abo  Agip  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Abo, Nigeria  2003  Operation until 2020 (2021)
Sendje Berge  Sinopec (Addax) Oil FPSO-Conversion  Okwori, Nigeria  2005  Operation until 2021 (2023) 
Polvo PetroRio  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Polvo, Brazil  2007  Operation until 2021 (2022) 
YÙUM K'AK'NÀAB  Pemex  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Ku-Maloob-Zaap, Mexico  2007  Operation until 2022 (2025) 
BW Cidade de Sâo Vicente Petrobras  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Tupi, Brazil  2009  Operation until 2020 (2024) 
BW Pioneer  Murphy Oil  Oil FPSO-Conversion  Cascade and Chinook,  US GoM 2010  Operation until 2025 (2030)
BW Joko Tole  Kangean Energy  Gas FPSO-Conversion  Terang Sirasun Batur, Indonesia  2012  Operation until 2022 (2026) 

BW Catcher

Premier Oil Oil FPSO-Newbuild Catcher, UK 2018 Operation until 2025 (2043)

BW Adolo

BW Energy Oil FPSO-Redeployment Gabon 2018 Operation until 2028 (2038)