Business Conduct

Business Conduct

BW Offshore has implemented effective management systems and routines. Our focus is on continuous improvement. BW Offshore is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality managment standard. This certificate recognises the way the company is managed.

Our working methods include planning of all critical activities and making sure they are executed in compliance with procedures, guidelines and checklists.

The reporting system identifies accidents, near-accidents, non-conformities and make suggestions for improvements. We conduct regular audits and management reviews to ensure that the processes being followed achieve the goals that have been set, and that a continuous improvement process is being maintained.

Policy statement

BW Offshore is committed to deliver products and services to the customers’ satisfaction and in accordance with external and internal requirements. By effective performance according to consistent processes and methods, BW Offshore shall be a cost efficient organisation creating value to our stakeholders.

We achieve this by

  • identifying external and internal requirements and customers' expectations
  • establishing administrative, technical and operational standards for our products and services
  • establishing, implementing and applying a Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and internal and external needs
  • having skilled and competent staff with appropriate training ensuring that sufficient and competent resources are available in all positions
  • auditing and monitoring performance and compliance with established requirements and internal processes and methods
  • seeking and implementing improvement with respect to own products, services, and business processes

 BW Offshore seeks to continuously improve and our quality goals are to

  • deliver the projects on time and budget
  • deliver the FPSOs from Project to Operations in a state of completeness that ensure operability and performance in accordance with the contract and regulatory requirements
  • deliver FPSO services in accordance to contractual requirements
  • operate the FPSOs within budgets