HSE statistics

(Per million hours)

The graph ‘BW Offshore HSE statistics’ shows the rolling 12-month average per million exposure hours for all persons directly involved in the company’s activities for key elements it measured in 2018. The statistics include contractors working on BW Offshore units. 

HSE Statistics 2018
LTI 0.69
TRI 1.97

BW Offshore follows the oil companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines for reporting marine incidents:

Lost Time Injury (LTI): an injury in the workplace which means the injured person is unable to resume their normal duties on the next or subsequent shifts.

Total Recordable Injuries (TRI): the sum of lost time injuries, restricted work cases and medical treatment cases.

As a proactive measure, BW Offshore monitors the trend on High Risk Incidents (HRI) which are subjected to a formal incident investigation process.

High Risk Incidents (HRI): an incident that could result in a major accident (dropped objects, property damage, fire, etc.)