BW Offshore's values and culture.

In achieving BW Offshore’s overall objectives, the company's personnel, both permanent and temporary employees, are key resources. BW Offshore is committed to having competent, well trained and motivated personnel with the right attitude and behaviour.

We achieve this by: 

  • Being an attractive employer and select the right people for the right positions
  • Welcoming all personnel with a familiarization program and provide appropriate training and opportunities for professional development
  • Maintaining a stable work force by communicating expectations and responsibilities, delegate authority and provide feedback
  • Working to achieve mutual respect, both for the individual employee and for our company through all phases of the employment in order to secure that employees stand out as good ambassadors for the company
  • Providing equal opportunities regardless of gender, age and ethnical background

We strive for an open communication throughout the company, and have a friendly atmosphere in our daily work. Expectations will be communicated along with support from peers and management. Responsibilities and authorities will be made clear. You will be given challenging tasks and responsibilities with possibilities to grow and develop.

BW Offshore is recognised by the following values:

  • Commit with openness
  • Adapt through competence
  • Engage by team play
  • Act reliably in everything we do 

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