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Class leading performance

Safe operations and class leading production high uptime are the hallmark of the BW Offshore delivery to clients. This is ensured by a relentless focus on Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) standards combined with a commitment to asset integrity management. BW Offshore is a significant offshore employer in all the countries where it operates, providing local opportunities as well as access to an international market for 1,650 production operators and mariners.


With an average up-time of 99% over the past five years, BW Offshore has consistently exceeded client expectations and been a top tier performer for FPSO operations globally. 15 FPSOs and 1 FSO make up the company’s fleet today, and 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent in daily volume is handled in areas as diverse as North Sea, West Africa, the South Atlantic off Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, and South East and Far East Asia. The profile ranges from FSOs serving as oil storage and export terminals to highly sophisticated dis-connectable FPSOs and test production units that are frequently relocated at the client’s request. The high quality and consistent signature performance generates significant cash flow for clients.


BW Offshore’s operational performance is delivered by highly qualified, competent and dedicated technical support and logistics service staff. A strong network of onshore in country offices ensures operational support that links the units to hubs in Brazil, Oslo and Singapore. Global recruitment centres and manning supply partners attract and select best in class candidates for fleet positions offshore from New Zealand, the Philippines, India, Africa, Brazil, Norway, the UK, Russia and Latvia. BW Offshore’s international pool of manpower allows for global rotation of talent based on required competence.
There is high commitment to deployment of local content in countries where the company operates with a heavy investment in training and development of native personnel. In a highly competitive and tight talent market, BW Offshore’s work ethic and culture, high level of experience and competence, global work opportunities and challenging class leading assignments
make it an attractive employer.


BW Offshore is being increasingly approached to provide Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to FPSOs built, owned or leased by clients. With its vast and proven experience in this arena, BW Offshore makes a smart partnering choice for clients wanting to share risk and outsource the technical competence to run and operate these complex units. With an existing operational network to leverage, the company offers synergies that are difficult for a client to achieve on a stand-alone basis. Well established infrastructure, manning pools and supply chain networks are some immediate advantages to clients in addition to the familiarity with regulatory requirements, technical maintenance and life-cycle cost management offered by BW Offshore.


Modifications of existing FPSOs approaching the end of  their planned life can give them a new lease of commercially
lucrative life. Increasingly clients see the benefit of investing in repairs, upgrades and modifications to continue operating in existing fields. BW Offshore’s project and engineering expertise makes this possible. Working closely with client teams, BW Offshore has set up internal teams specifically for this purpose, combining competent project and operations staff from
across the organisation. Managing modifications and upgrades on live producing units calls for specialised competence as safety related and economic risks multiply compared to projects run on site in a shipyard. BW Offshore is today looking at life extension scenarios of up to 20-25 years in addition to the initial 10-year term. Maintaining asset integrity in situ in such
scenarios represents some of the most advanced technical execution challenges in the business.